Recycling where you least expect it


Moving recyclable materials from complex countries all over the world.

Novek LLC specializes in good service recycling from production to commercialization. We help manage business relationships and quality performance all over the world. Headquartered in Miami with a satellite office in Milan and production facilities in South America and Africa, Novek LLC truly represents the phrase “global reach”.

Our expertise allows us to manage long term partnerships in countries that are not easily accessible to all, and to help develop value by bettering production quality as well as services within these realities.

Our management has long sought and set up plants within difficult political or economic environments, which has allowed us to develop solutions to common problems these realities face on a daily basis. These solutions translate well to other countries and other companies, allowing us to commercialize not just our prices but also our know-how and corporate values, in an attempt to help our business partners grow.




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Areas of Practice


We boast 2 facilities with production capacity of approximately 2,750 tons of recycled materials per month. We collect and recycle various materials including: Aluminium, Copper, Stainless Steel, Zinc, PP, HDPE, and PET at these facilities on a regular basis.


We look for the right partners and help them grow. Growth is directly proportional to capital and capital can mean financing. Our objective is to provide the right funding for any import/export operation in order for it to prosper over the long term.


Our logistics department helps us move hundreds of containers per month to all corners of the globe. We use their expertise to provide the same efficient service to our customers/supplier in need of Ocean, Rail, or Inland Transport.

business development

Any successful business must develop over time, but worrying about finding new markets and opportunities while also taking care of the day to day operations can be overwhelming. At Novek LLC we bring the opportunities to you.

BCompetitive Pricing

Our long term partnerships have helped us create excellent markets for many of the materials we produce and regularly commercialize. In an attempt to better the planet, we use strive to bring the most competitive pricing possible to our business partners, so that they in turn can remain profitable.

hHEDGING and Risk Management

Market prices are always fluctuating and not everyone can allow risk to get in the way of growth. By providing competitive and strategic hedging solutions we at Novek LLC help reduce our partners market risk, allowing them to lock in profits where and when they need.


A society is defined not only by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy.


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