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What we do



Our main facility is located in Sucre, Venezuela. We produce, warehouse, and export approximately 1,500 tons of non-ferrous metal scrap and approximately 500 tons of plastic scrap every month from this facility.

Our newest facility is in Lagos, Nigeria. Here we collect, warehouse, and package plastic scrap for export, as well as other Nigerian commodities such timber, charcoal, and non-ferrous metals. This plant has a production capacity of around 750 tons per month.

trading services

We do not limit ourselves to our own production. Having created long term relationships with many customers, we strive to add value to other import/export professionals across the globe. We use our know how to bring competitive prices and simple logistic solutions to all our suppliers/customers, by providing basic services that anyone will need in order to successfully import or export commodities from any country.

Our services include but are not limited to:

A)     Competitive pricing

B)      Business Development

C)      Logistics

D)     Financing

E)      Hedging

Our goal is to bring these services to you at the best value, lowest cost, and most efficient execution as possible, and we aim to do so by being transparent with our partners. We don’t create value by providing information, we create value by providing good service.

Novek LLC creates partnerships based on mutual trust, cooperation, and long term vision.




Non Ferrous Metals

Aluminium RSI

Aluminium Scrap

Copper Scrap

Copper Ingots


Mix Motors

Lead Ingots

Lead Scrap



HDPE Injection Grade

HDPE Frac Melt

PET Bottle Grade Flake

PET Fiber Grade Flake

HDPE Bales

PP Homopolymer Regrinds

PP Calcium Filled Regrinds

PVC Profile Regrinds

PVC Profile Bales

Mixed Rigid Plastics



Ferrous Metals



Shea Butter