Passion. Transparency. Diligence.



Founded in 2015, Novek LLC has quickly become an innovative market leader within the commodities realm. Sebastiano Novek merged his financial trading background with his experience in the scrap industry to create a unique vision based on long term partnerships and valuable relationships. Novek LLC has managed to grow very rapidly, expanding its reach to 5 continents and transversally occupying various commodity markets.

We highly value our partners and strive to bring the best possible results to anyone we do business with. We don’t believe in trading solely for our own profit, we believe in helping the companies that surround us grow just as rapidly as we have.


Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to be dispersed because we’ve been ignorant of their value.



Our mission is to bring growth and prosperity to all our business partners. We specialize in working with “difficult markets” and “new frontiers” in attempt to bridge the gaps between developed economies and developing markets. Novek LLC prides itself in creating meaningful long-term import/export realities in hard to reach areas of the world. We believe in transparent information and lasting relationships.